Please rush to order before long holidays (Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year Holidays)  and notice the update news as posted both by Post Office services at Hong Kong and at the side of recipient.

Under the influence of the COVID-19 , update notices from Hong Kong Post Office 

Latest arrangements on Hongkong Post services 2020-03-22

As airlines have made substantial adjustments to their flight frequencies, you are invited to visit the Hongkong Post website at for updates on the provision of airmail services.

Suspension of Overseas Postal Services 2020.03.27

Oversea Postal Mail services have been suspended until further notice




In view of insufficient conveyance capacity arising from the substantial reduction in flight frequencies by airlines, outbound mail services are still affected.  Customers may refer to the Hongkong Post website at for the latest announcements



The shop will reactivate PAYPAL (payment method) on June 6 2020.
Because the postal service is still affected by the epidemic, and the delivery time will be longer than normal. In order to avoid failing to receive the goods, customers please check whether there is an airmail service at the place of receipt.



International registered mail

According to the international postal operation arrangements of the Universal Postal Union, postal administrations are not bound to release processing and delivery information of "international registered mail", and postal administrations of the following countries/regions have ceased to release such information:
1. Canada
2. Netherlands
3. United States of America

News from HK Post Office - Types of services currently available to overseas destinations





A substantive change to the “Currency Conversion”

Effective date : 23 September 2019

Buyer may bear additional cost  on transaction of refund.

Should you have any queries, please contact your PAYPAL center.



Free Shipping Delivery is only applicable to Hong Kong local customers with the following conditions:

  1. Total sum of goods ordered is over HK$500 excluding shipping charges and
  2. Payment to be made via PAYPAL

Payment Method:

A. Cash on Pick Up ( Only applicable to Hong Kong local customers)

  1. Order must be placed via online ordering successfully
  2. After ordering successully,  we will contact you by phone within two working days from the date of online ordering
  3. Please order online early, we require two working days on order processing.  Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.
  4. No free shipping delivery offer for payment made by Cash on Pick up.
  5. Goods to be picked up in our specified place during office hour .  The office hour is from Mondy to Friday (10 am to 5 pm.), excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)    We strongly advise you to phone up 25180351 before you come to the office.
  6. Failure to pick up the goods before the designated date, the order will be automatically cancelled after 7 working days from the date of purchase.  It is not applicable if customer has contacted our shop for further arrangement.


B. Paypal (Applicable to local and overseas customers)

  1.  order will be processed after seven working days and to be dispatched to Hong Kong Post Office,
  2. once order is being processed, we are unable to take actions for refund or cancellation. 
  3. Goods will be dispatched after 7 working days from the date of receipt your payment or order confirmation (for new customer).

New Customers Attention (payment made by Paypal)!!!

After you place order, please confirm your order by returning email to :

with the following details:

1.       order number  

2.       name of recipient and 

3.       shipping address (mailing address)

The above information should be same as the details with Paypal. 

After the order is in process, order will be arranged accordingly.

Remarks: All prices show in [Online Shop] are for customers order in the [Online Shop] only, and prices may update to follow the market without announcement.





































06/07/2012 中成藥標籤及說明條例
04/18/2012 Video

Price HKD$35

Bioslim Herbal Tablets
Original HKD$35
Special HKD$28

Lemon Grass
Price HKD$45

Magic Fungus
Original HKD$68
Special HKD$60

Original HKD$45
Special HKD$30

Price HKD$45